Sometimes when things gets rough, we lose track of the good things in life. Our focus seem to divert to that one thing that’s going wrong, and even worse when it becomes magnified.  It’s as if everything in the world just plain sucks. Feelings of sadness or even anger takes over. Just thinking about it becomes overwhelming. You just become lost and you ask yourself… wtf is going on and why is this happening to me?

When shit happens or things fall in the dumps, sure I may whine and cry about it (it’s part of the whole dealing with it), but once I pulled myself together, I sit back and think about it. I have a tendency to think about things a lot, but it helps when it comes to redirecting my focus. I just kinda need to talk t myself about it.

Cheesy as it sounds, but one thing I always do is putting things in perspective. There are other people who are worse off than I am and this is merely a bump on the road. And five years from now this will be insignificant.

Ok, maybe comparing your life to someone else who’s worse off than you is a bit cruel, but it really helps. It could be a lot worse than it is, but it’s really not. So then, deal with it or fix it and move on. If it didn’t work out, there’s always a reason behind it.

Right now, my mind is a big clutter. So many thoughts just bombarding my head. Not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing. I’m just a bit lost in my thoughts trying to put things in perspective.


I’m on a mission…

… to learn how to cook!

This past weekend was probably the most cooking I’ve done my whole life. Well, Saturday was a team effort. We made pasta carbonara with buttered garlic pan de sal. Not bad for making it the first time. Anything with bacon could pretty much taste good by default. But still, it could have been butchered some how. I know the picture doesn’t look appetizing, but it tasted better than it looked! Also, blame the quality of my iPhone.

Then for meal number two, I attempted to make Bistek (Filipino beef steak). It was easier than I thought. It turned out to be pretty tasty that my food tester had thirds 🙂 (ok, it was either he was really starving or he really liked it… I’d like to say it’s the latter). I’m just happy I didn’t ruin our favorite Filipino dish for both of us.

I’m finally learning how to cook! I’m on my way to being domesticated… kinda. I’m a little surprised at myself that I’m even capable of cooking something aside from rice. It might have been the laziness that’s been stopping me all along or just the fact that my dad is the one who always whip-up a good meal at home that there is no point for me to cook when I’m home. But it’s actually kinda nice to cook for someone or with someone. It’s sorta a bonding moment. Not a bad alternative to partying in the wee hours of the morning on a Friday or Saturday night.

Ice Cream Paint Job

The title doesn’t really have any content relevance for my first post except that it’s the song I have playing on my iTunes… because I’m trying to memorize it. Umm… don’t ask.

I’m not sure what the purpose of this whole blog will be, but for sure it’s not meant to dump any drama for yo mama or any personal emo matters. Just the good stuff… like rainbows and unicorns… or not.  But who knows how often I’ll be even updating this. For all I know this might be my only post. Last time I actually put some time into blogging was some time last year until I’ve completely neglected it only because it became a little bit too high maintenance for me. So here I am, starting anew, kinda sorta.

Not that anybody cares, but I’ve been shopping around for a bag. I’m just gonna come clean and admit that I’m a label whore. I love designer bags. If money came out of my ass on a daily basis, I’d probably own more bags/purses in every shape and color (that and shoes and clothes). Anyway, I’ve been on a look out for a cute satchel (aka a cross-body bag for those who don’t know). I’m kinda, sorta willing to splurge, but not so much that I’d go for broke (because we’re still in a recession!). I just want to get myself something pretty because I haven’t really. I guess you can say it’s my ultimate graduation/having a job/birthday/Christmas present to myself.

Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas Bloomsbury PM

I honestly fell in love with this bag. I actually already bought it, but it ended back to the store because not all of my stuff fit inside. The size is perfect for this style, but I think I just bring too much “essentials” with me that I’m not really not willing to do without when I’m out and about. But I’m back to wanting it when I saw it again on my recent Las Vegas trip. I’m just afraid that everyone and their mom will have it too.

So on my sick day-off today, I decided to do some online browsing for other potentials.

Marc Jacobs Kate Lock Hobo

I saw this bag from another blog. This one definitely looks bigger than the LV bag, meaning more room for my stuff! I especially like the zipper and the stud detail on it. I still have to see it in person, and I’m not even sure if it’s available here in California since it seems like it’s only sold at Bergdoff Goodman which is a store non-existent here. Hopefully Vegas will somehow have it somewhere with it’s kajillion designer stores down every block. They have to have a Marc Jacobs store there or some other place that carries it.

MARC by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Baby Aiden Satchel

I’m not sure how I feel about owning a white bag since it gets dirty easily. It also comes in Olive, but I have to check it out in person how ‘olive’ it is. But I’m really digging the style of this bag. I’ll be able to sling it on my body or carry it by the handles with my arm.

Balenciaga and Chanel will have to wait. Maybe when I’m ballin’ enough. Ok back to the Lakers vs. Cavs game. Let’s go Lakers!

Image Credit via NeimanMarcus.com; LouisVuitton.com