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I’m on a mission…

… to learn how to cook!

This past weekend was probably the most cooking I’ve done my whole life. Well, Saturday was a team effort. We made pasta carbonara with buttered garlic pan de sal. Not bad for making it the first time. Anything with baconĀ could pretty much taste good by default. But still, it could have been butchered some how. I know the picture doesn’t look appetizing, but it tasted better than it looked! Also, blame the quality of my iPhone.

Then for meal number two, I attempted to make Bistek (Filipino beef steak). It was easier than I thought. It turned out to be pretty tasty that my food tester had thirds šŸ™‚ (ok, it was either he was really starving or he really liked it… I’d like to say it’s the latter). I’m just happy I didn’t ruin our favorite Filipino dish for both of us.

I’m finally learning how to cook! I’m on my way to being domesticated… kinda. I’mĀ a littleĀ surprised at myself that I’mĀ even capable of cooking something aside from rice. It might have been the laziness that’s been stopping me all along or just the fact that my dad is the one who always whip-up a good meal at home that there is no point for me to cook when I’m home. But it’s actually kinda nice to cook for someone or with someone. It’s sorta a bonding moment. Not a bad alternative to partying in the wee hours of the morning on a Friday or Saturday night.


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